• Featured Keynote Speakers


  • Blended Conference Format

    Utilize a blended “unconference and traditional” program format to advance leadership skills and knowledge through self-directed, collaborative inquiry with local, national, and international peers.

  • Interactive Professional Development

    Engage in a highly interactive professional development experience in small and whole group activities.

  • Research-Based Strategies

    Examine and apply proven research-based strategies and tools to effectively address leadership challenges.

  • PD to Degree

    Move from PD to degree - participants may opt to apply the 2017 conference program experience toward graduate coursework or credit through Lamar University and RCNJ.

  • Leadership Models & Competencies

    Enhance knowledge of leadershift models, and advance competencies to inspire, lead, manage, and effect transformational change in our schools.

  • Featured International Faculty & Facilitators

  • Professional Learning Network

    Extend your professional learning network by joining an elite group of dedicated and innovative educational leaders, determined to reinvent schooling to best prepare our students for modern times.

  • Digital Resources

    Receive numerous professional resources, including: 1) digital copy of their new interactive book, LeaderShift: Reinventing Schools for Modern Times (Chinni, Jukes, Mohan, and Nowosad, 2016); access to the SB21 Digital Library, including thousands of curated and catalogued professional learning resources; and SB21 Pulse, a comprehensive collection of online assessments to measure organizational progress.

The leadershift conference will empower all participants to identify, explore, innovate, and exchange team-driven challenge solutions through a combination of purposeful keynote presentations, targeted activities, collaborative inquiry, web-based tools, and digital resources - so that we can reinvent our schools for modern times.

Graduate Coursework and Credit Options - participants may opt to apply the 2017 LeaderShift Conference program experience toward graduate coursework or credit through Lamar University and RCNJ.

Dec 8th - Dec 9th - 2017

  • Ian Jukes
    Understanding the necessity to change is one thing but having the capacity to lead and implement change is another.
    Ian Jukes
  • Dr. Brian P. Chinni
    The skills that our students will need to thrive in our 21st century global economy are vastly different than that of the Industrial Age – an age for which our schools were initially built.
    Dr. Brian P. Chinni
  • Glenn Nowosad
    Transforming education may not be about the technology, but educational leaders need to make informed decisions around integrating technology into modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices.
    Glenn Nowosad
  • Nicky Mohan
    Trying to improve the old pedagogy is not going to achieve the outcomes we want – problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, creative thinking etc…
    Nicky Mohan

EdLeader Institute Dec 8th - Dec 9th - 2017


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LeaderShift 2017 Conference - Dec 8th - Dec 9th - 2017

Ramapo College, NJ

  • Matt McClure
    Modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices require innovative leadership that bridges the gap between the past and future requirements for education.
    Matt McClure
  • George Saltsman
    We're here to serve and prepare students for the world they will have to face and if we do this well, they will help us face the future we will have to face.
    George Saltsman
  • Dr. Anthony Scannella
    "We, as educators, must stop working from a deficit model. This model stems from negative beliefs and assumptions regarding the ability, aspirations, and work ethic of systematically marginalized children and families. There is no such thing as a " broken child"; the children and the families we serve are not broken, they have simply learned the wrong answers to the questions of life. The task of leadership becomes this: making the right answers available, making them more intuitive and appealing, and empowering our most vulnerable into a life of purpose, choice, and mastery."
    Dr. Anthony Scannella

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RCNJ Alumni Rate $299.00

Registration (Before Nov 1st-2017) $498.00

Last Minute Registration (After Nov 1st-2017) $525.00

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